Podrobnosti o programu Hayat Plus

Official Change Notification

Berlin, 19.06.2017

Da Vinci Media GmbH kindly informs all customers in Central and Eastern Europe about changes scheduled for Amos feed of Da Vinci Learning Channel.

Nature of the change: Channel will be broadcasted in High Definition (1080i) on DVB-S2 transponder using h.264 encoding. New Conax CAS smartcards will be distributed.

Start date of new HD feed: 1st November 2017

End of current SD feed: 31st December 2017

Parameters of new feed

Satellite Amos-7
Transponder EK2H-V/EK2H-H
Signal standard DVB-S2
Modulation 8PSK
D/L Center Frequency 11568,000 MHz
Symbol rate 15000 kSym/s
FEC 2/3

Stream parameters

VPID 800
802 ENG
803 HUN
804 UKR
805 RUS
Subtitle 811 RON
812 BUL
813 MAC
814 SLV
815 SRP
816 HRV
ECM 808
PMT 820
EMM 850

Other details:

  • Da Vinci Media authorizes all current customers to either use new HD signal for distribution or to downscale to SD if it is necessary for their network.
  • Smart cards will be sent in separate correspondence.
  • For all technical questions please contact DVL Broadcast Manager Wojciech Bialek